Mohair Bear Making Classes

The May, June and August mohair bear making classes are all now fully booked. If you would like to put your name down for a class, I am happy to arrange another date if I get enough people. Contact me on 07790783559 or on facebook or contact Anita at Swanstitch or 01304 366915.

The mohair/needlefelted hedgehog class dates are now being arranged. Let us know (as above) if you would like to book. Or leave a comment on the blog.

Thanks for looking….




Another lovely needle felting class

We had another very successful needle felting class last night. Well done everyone! Sue has been working on her badger for the last couple of classes and he was finished last night. I’m sure you will all agree he looks fantastic. Needle felted badger

We also had a couple of polar bears, a bunny rabbit, a couple of owls, a hamster, a panda, Kelly is still working on her giraffe (he looks fab) I think he or maybe she will be finished next time, Lesley started making her first bear which showed off her sewing skills with the fantastic nose she gave him. So, it was a very good evening.

We have decided that we may now go on to bigger projects like my character doll George. I will show everyone the basic techniques and they will make what they like. Some of the projects coming up will be Dobby from Harry Potter, ET and Minnie Mouse. This is entirely optional though so anyone not wanting to do an ongoing project can still come and do smaller things.


I would love to know what you think, so please leave comments. Also please check out and like my facebook page. If you would like to book up for one of the classes, check out the classes page above for dates and details. The mohair/needle felted hedgehog class is now going to need two dates so I will update that as soon as possible.

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Classes updated

I have now listed all the mohair bear making workshops and mohair/needle felted hedgehog workshop dates up to the end of September in my events calendar. These are getting booked up fast but I can add more dates if neccessary. If you would like to book for any of these either contact me direct or message me on facebook or contact the shop  I have also listed the May needle felting class dates.

Be great to hear any comments you have for the website or the facebook page…

Little Hedgehog

It seems like everything I am making lately is for a present for someone but I love giving and making people happy.

My lovely friend Maureen told me a while ago that she absolutely loves hedgehogs. They are her favourite. So, one day when I was looking for mohair fabric for my bears, I spotted this fantastic hedgehog mohair, and decided there and then that I would have a go at making her one. I bought a small piece and got really excited when it arrived as it looked exactly like hedgehog prickles. I didn’t have time to make her the hedgehog for Christmas but decided to make it for her birthday which happens to be Easter Sunday this year.

I drew out a rough picture of how I thought he should look and separated it into pattern pieces for  prickles and white mohair. It looked really odd. Especially the white bit. More like a sea lion. But I decided to cut it and sew it anyway. It worked! I couldnt wait to stuff him and add his needle felted face and feet. And little hedgie (as I have been calling him) was soon born. I realised, when he was finished that the pattern needed tweaking slightly for future hedgehogs but I was happy with my first attempt.

I made a little box for him to sit in instead of wrapping him and gave him to Maureen yesterday.


Maureen was absolutely thrilled with him and text me this morning to tell me again that she loved him to bits. She took him along to my needle felting class last night and he got a very good reaction from everyone. I have already had requests to teach a hedgehog class so look out for details in the near future if you are interested.

I made her birthday card too which was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest. For anyone who hasn’t yet seen the wonders of Pinterest you should really give it a go. It is an online website where, if you see anything you like you pin it onto a board of your own. Why not sign up and follow me. I can do all the hard work for you then, of finding all these wonderful things, then you just need to repin them from me. Give it a go but beware,  it’s addictive. Handmade bithday cardThanks for reading xx

Charlie’s wedding gift

My friend Charlie, who I go to scrapbooking with is getting married next month. Her wedding theme is Alice in wonderland so I thought I would needle felt the white rabbit for her based on the latest film. I was very pleased with him but had the urge to make the smoking caterpillar too so I thought I would have a go. The caterpillar turned out okay but in the film he was sat on a toadstool so I thought I would make that too. But picturing it in my head with the caterpillar way up on the toadstool and the little white rabbit underneath I thought how cool would it be to add a few more characters and have them displayed on something. So I spoke very nicely to hubby and he went straight out and cut me a nice log base for it, while I got on with some more felting.  So next came Tweedle Dum and the Cheshire Cat with the Mad Hatters hat and a few flowers and lastly Tweedle Dee. This is how it turned out.



Charlie was very pleased with it and said she was going to display it at the wedding. Have a lovely day Charlie and Dan xx

Needle felted Alice in wonderland gift Needle felted alice in wonderland gift

Mohair Bear making class

Well we survived the first bear making class. It is amazing how much preparation went into it. Buttercup the Bear

It is the first time I have cut out 14 bears in one go before. Cutting out is the worst bit of bear making, I think.

The bear everyone was making was based on Buttercup’s pattern approximately 13 inches. Made with ratinee curly mohair.

The class started at 9am and by lunchtime everyone had sewn all the pieces and had a cute bear face staring up at them.

 After hours of work there were five new bears born.

 Everyone fell in love with their creations.

Now everyone just needs to decide whether they have created a boy or a girl and make clothes or give their bear a nice bow to suit. So well done everyone. I think everyone enjoyed it and there is already talk of making more bears so these five little bears could soon have little friends sat beside them.

Thanks for reading