About my Craft

I love hand-crafting unique items… especially when it brings a smile to someone’s face. I enjoy many crafts from making Mohair Bears and  Needle Felting to many other crafts like sewing, crocheting and scrapbooking.

Handcrafted Bears

Charlie the BearAll of my bears are my own design, I can spend hours designing new patterns. They are all made using quality mohair and varying paw pad materials. Each bear is fully jointed using cotter pin joints. They have glass eyes and hand embroidered noses which are sometimes waxed. All of my bears are filled with a combination of polyester filling, woodwool and to add weight, steel shot. The faces on my bears are needle sculpted to give that special expression. Each bear is unique.

I do accept commissions, so if you see a previously adopted Bear you’d love to own, or have something special in mind, please contact me. I am happy to take on these requests.

Needle Felting


Needle Felting is an art form although it is certainly not very difficult. By using a barbed needle and a bit of wool roving you can create a three dimensional form with no sewing at all. You will prick your finger with the very sharp needles in the beginning (everyone does) but it’s not so bad and eventually as you become more skilled you will be less likely to prick your finger. There is no filling involved at all as the finished piece is felted all the way through.

Teddy bears are needle felted by making the head, ears, body, arms and legs. The ears are felted onto the head but the head, arms and legs can be fully jointed allowing you to pose your bear. I use miniature glass eyes usually 2mm and 3mm and hand embroider the nose. Needle felting is an inexpensive craft and does not require any great skill, so why not give it a try? I offer popular classes at Swanstitch in Deal that tend to fill up fast. Keep an eye on my Classes, or put your name on the list by calling Swanstitch on 01304 366 915.