Here are the sample bears for the bear making classes



Meet Smudge and Pickle


Bear making ClassThese are the first in my range of forgotten toys. They have the look of well loved bears. A little bit worse for wear but I’m sure they have lots of lovely memories.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like things firm…………………….. Ladies get your minds out of the gutter please, lol (especially you Mavis)

With these bears I have had to train myself to understuff to give them that squishy soft feel of a bear who has been carried around constantly. I found this very difficult with Smudge as I was definitely out of my comfort zone as it went against everything I have learnt  but I am gradually getting used to it now and found stuffing Pickle much easier. In fact I quite like the feel of them.

They are made from the same pattern but different mohair.


Smudge is made using  grey sparse mohair Smudge

And Pickle is made with Sparse Ratinee  oatmeal mohair.

For those of you who came to the last bear making classes this is the same mohair we used before. I think it is very popular and a few people have said that they would like to use the same again



Both bears will be cut and pinned in PERFECT condition. You DO NOT have to give bald patches, add stitching or smudges.

The distressed/aged look is entirely optional.

All you need to do, is let me know as soon as possible whether you would like the grey or the oatmeal mohair so that I can get the mohair ordered. I will take the bears with me tomorrow night to my felting class and leave them at the shop so you can see them in the fur.

If you can let me know your mohair preference by the weekend, that would be great as the cutting out process takes a very long time and I would like to get started as soon as I can. You can email, text, phone or message me on facebook or you can phone the shop.

Hope you all like my new little friends, please leave comments  ……………………………….